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Welcome to Samovilla

A warm welcome to Samovilla - for the next few days we hope Samovilla becomes your home away from home and you take away precious memories and unforgettable experiences. And to get to the fun part quicker, we kindly ask you to review the required legal information and complete the registration form below. 
 Scales of Justice

They say that in life, unavoidable are only death and taxes... This was before GDPR

By signing  the registration card I confirm my check-in ad accommodation at Hotel Samovilla and that I accept the price for the accommodation quoted to me. I am familiar with and accept the General Terms and Conditions of Samovilla which  are explained at check-in   and provided in detail on  

Samovilla does not  accept  responsibility for  items  left  unattended  within the boundaries of the hotel. 

Personal information is collected  in accordance with  the requirements of the Tourism Act  and our obligation to keep a Register of guests under Article 116, paragraph 2. Safeguarding  of personal information is in accordance with  the requirements  of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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