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Food and Drink

Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in the comfort of your villa

In your villa, we also offer tea and espresso making facilities and a wine bar with a selection of regional and international wines to enjoy during your stay at Samovilla. The villa also has full self catering facilities, including fully equipped kitchen, fridge, oven and hot plates. 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we currently cannot provide breakfast as part of your accommodation. However, we can arrange for a wide range of options for breakfast, lunch or dinner to be prepared and delivered to your villa upon request.  For breakfast, we only ask you to let us know from the night before at what time you would like it served, so that you can plan for an early start on the ski slopes or lazy morning in bed. 

Espresso and Cookies
Poached Egg Sandwich
Wine Bottles

Check a  range of restaurants and taverns which are within close proximity to Samovilla and we would be pleased to assist with arranging reservations or a delivery to your villa.


Check out in-villa dining options with a range of food delivered to the comfort of your villa

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