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Some believe they are daughters of the Thracian goddess Bendis...Also known as Samodiva, Samovila is the most beautiful creature of our legends... Samovilas are immortal keepers of the nature. They look like very young beautiful women, with long, light blonde hair, and very pale skin, dressed with almost transparent white long dress made from moon light. This magic dress let them fly without wings and gives them magic powers.

Samovilas do not like humans much. They hide in the deepest forests, and appear only at night.  Usually they fly in groups of three, seven, or twelve sisters and in the  deepest hour of the night they like to sing and dance. Magic flowers are said to blossom where their feet touch the ground. Legend says their dance is enchanting - their dancing delicate bodies, graceful movements,  magical  voices are so beautiful, that people who hear them loose their mind. 




Samovila is located in the beautiful Rila mountains, just outside the village of Govedartzi. 

Our resort is approximately 75 minutes away from Sofia airport with large number of daily international flights linking Sofia with London, Vienna, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Rome, Athens, Istanbul and Doha. 

Our resort is approximately 10-15 minutes away from Borovets, the oldest ski resort in the country with the slopes of Maliovitsa just a few minutes away. 

From Samovilla a number of main tourist attractions can be reached in a day trip including the world famous Rila Monastery (Unesco world heritage site), the Seven Rila Lakes, the capital city of Sofia or the former royal winter residence Tzarska Bistritsa 




In our spacious villas you'll find your very own sanctuary of cosiness. Immerse yourself in the luxury and thoughtful details, which will make your stay wholly relaxing. Our villas are entirely made of Finnish  pine so that the very air is fragrant and beneficial to your health. And your feeling of well-being is further enhanced by our extensive use of natural materials such as pine wood, stone, cotton and wool. 




There are numerous lovely places that are worth a visit all around Samovilla. Guests use Samovilla as the ideal base for outings and excursions in the immediate vicinity and can choose from all kind of attractions and activities all year round. 

Winter sport enthusiasts are 10 minutes away from the slopes of Borovetz, Maliovitza or Govedartsi. 

During the summer months our guests enjoy the mountain treks of the Rila mountains, boat fishing trips, forests picnics, mountain biking, kayaking and many more activities that the mountain has to offer 

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